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Double Density Sole - Boot

Our comprehensive Outdoor pursuit range has been developed to meet the requirements of all enthusiasts who thrive in the open air when subjected to the elements be they hot or cold, wet or dry, in summer or winter.

We have developed the range after years of supplying specialist military units in the Falklands, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. They have been worn on expeditions to Everest, K2 the Sahara and South America. They have been up mountains, down potholes across deserts and kept toes warm and dry in the Atlantic; also a favourite with stable lads, fishermen, policemen, butches, greengrocers and others who work either outside or in cold shops.

With family experience dating back to the 1920s combined with some of the latest knitting technology all are socks in this range have a balanced content of natural fibres blended with the appropriate quantity of technical yarns and careful use of elastic ‘nips’ for luxurious quality, hidden durability and supreme comfort - all at a competitive price, ‘fit for purpose’ and treated to be shrink resistant.

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